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Kiyozumi Warriors Japan (527320)


#2 in III.5

The team is undefeated for 4 competitive games and has 4 wins in a row

Club details

Managed by Ricster Supporter Gold

2 931 members in The Bloody Hooligans

Stadium: Parc de Triumphe (capacity 70 000)

Ranked 59

Press announcement

6-17-2015 Kiyozumi Warriors complete the flag collection !!

Today the last (and 256th) flag was acquired when KW played Les Sacoches Sénégalaises of Senegal (away).

I am proud to be part of an elite group consisting of those managers who have completed the mission ... until, that is, a spanner is thrown in the works when Hattrick adds a new country into the fold.

I'd like to thank all those teams who participated in this challenge - although this round of applause may fall on deaf ears ... since many of my opponents have gone bot. Of course, the bots may be listening. A frightening thought.

From now on, I look forward to selecting my friendlies in 5 seconds every week !!


The Ricster

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7-23-2017 Last message by  chocopan

Well, hello again. Just when I thought I was out, I dragged myself back in!

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