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The fans at the stadium today were roasting in the hot sun. The intense heat made it hard for players relying on strength or speed to shine. On the other hand, it provided perfect conditions for the more technical players. Lineup: Coenegracht - Taboin, Reis, Vellemäe - Zima, Witcher, Kiszi, Grymov - Amorim, Miranda, Tucano.

The following players had been selected: Colanzi - Arel, Verri - Cakolli, Lorubbio, Sacconi, Mandato, Amihăesei - Meneses, Zanolari, Cubicciotti.

It was to be a contest between two different football philosophies, since the home team started the game with a 3-4-3 formation while the visitors instead opted for a 2-5-3. Mengo/Várzea showed off their creative tactics. Mengo/Várzea took the lead 22 minutes in, as Nikolay Grymov broke through on the left and put his shot just beyond the reach of the outstretched keeper, bringing the score to 1 - 0. Mengo/Várzea's László Kiszi had an excellent opportunity 26 minutes in, shooting after bringing down a ball from the right, but he missed the goal by miles! 31 minutes into the game, Mehmet Arel almost tied it all up for the visitors with an expertly placed free kick. Unfortunately for Patavii, the home keeper made an incredible save. With 40 minutes played, the visitors almost leveled the score. Mehmet Arel shot a hard curved free kick, but it struck the post. Some lightning fast dribbles by László Kiszi left Mehmet Arel way behind after 42 minutes, but the shot was just wide. Patavii were close to putting the equalizer away after 43 minutes as the opposing defense lost the ball to Aldo Cakolli in a scuffle on the left of the goal, but in the end the ball was cleared over the sideline. It was 1 - 0 at the break. Patavii set the tempo, maintaining 53 percent of possession.

It was showtime for artist Tuta Tucano who demonstrated his technical mastery when he dribbled past Massimo Lorubbio and finished with a goal for Mengo/Várzea to bring the scoreline to 2 - 0. The visitors' right side was dangerous today; Angelo Sacconi made the home team's keeper look foolish as he easily scored, reducing the gap to 2 - 1 after 71 minutes. Patavii leveled the score after 72 minutes to make it 2 - 2, as Gilles Zanolari struck home after a fine midfield combination through the middle left him completely unmarked. With the clock showing 78 minutes, the fourth official held up the substitution board. Luca Verri looked to see that it was his number in red, so he made his way over to the sideline and swapped out for Bio Tawéma, though he would have liked to continue. 78 minutes into the game, Patavii wanted to bring some new energy to their game. Gilles Zanolari gave Ólafur Halldórsson a quick hug as he left the field. It was announced by the fourth official that he estimated stoppage time to be around 1 minutes. This meant there could still be an extra attack or two left in the match! The match ends 2 - 2. Looks like Nate Silver was right again - his prediction that Patavii would have 53 percent possession in this half was spot on!

László Kiszi performed admirably for Mengo/Várzea. You can tell it was nickel beer night yesterday at the local bar because Sämi Zima seemed to stumble all over the pitch. Patavii's top performer was clearly Neymar Meneses. Speaking of stinking up the place, Bio Tawéma sure smelled like the bottom of Batman's shoe after a night of crimefighting in Gotham.

Rating details

Midfield formidable (low) outstanding (low) 34 38 9/20 10/20
Right defense outstanding (very high) solid (high) 40 27 10/20 7/20
Central defense outstanding (high) outstanding (low) 39 38 10/20 10/20
Left defense outstanding (low) passable (high) 38 23 10/20 6/20
Right attack passable (high) solid (low) 23 26 6/20 7/20
Central attack world class (very low) outstanding (high) 49 39 13/20 10/20
Left attack passable (very low) formidable (very high) 21 36 6/20 9/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense brilliant (very low) solid (high) 41 27 11/20 7/20
Attack outstanding (high) solid (low) 39 26 10/20 7/20
Team attitude
Tactic Play creatively Normal
Tactic skill extra-terrestrial (no tactic) 16 (no tactic) 16/20
Style of play neutral neutral


1 - 0  Nikolay Grymov 22'
2 - 0  Tuta Tucano 47'
2 - 1  Angelo Sacconi 71'
2 - 2  Gilles Zanolari 72'
Substitution Out  Luca Verri
In  Bio Tawéma
Substitution Out  Gilles Zanolari
In  Ólafur Halldórsson



Chance distribution

Home Away
5 7

1 Left attack 1
0 Central attack 1
1 Right attack 2
1 Other 3
2 Special events 0
1 - 0
2 - 0
2 - 1
2 - 2

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense brilliant (very low) solid (high) 41 27 11/20 7/20
Attack outstanding (high) solid (low) 39 26 10/20 7/20


Team attitude
Tactic Play creatively Normal
Tactic skill extra-terrestrial (no tactic) 16 (no tactic) 16/20
Style of play neutral neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience formidable (very high) solid (high) 36 27 9/20 7/20
Average midfield formidable (low) outstanding (low) 34 38 9/20 10/20
Average defense outstanding (high) excellent (very low) 39 29 10/20 8/20
Average attack excellent (high) formidable (low) 31 34 8/20 9/20
Total average formidable (high) formidable (low) 35 34 9/20 9/20


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