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Tournaments are the alternative competition system for Hattrick teams. You can join official ladder tournaments and try to become the 'King of the Hill', or you can play in tournaments that are run by managers themselves.

When in a tournament, you can use your regular squad as in any official games. Players cannot get injured and cards do not affect your regular league or cup games.

Climb to the top of the ladder by challenging teams above you in the ladder.


<3 Real Madrid *love* World Cup <3

League with Playoffs (64 teams)
Created by dronjom
Starts 5-27-2019 11:48
Waiting for participants

18 teams have joined

FC St.Pauli

League with Playoffs (64 teams)
Created by Holger_Sternislawski
Runs until 5-20-2019 23:00

Season 11

7 rounds have been played



Single elimination cup (32 teams)
Created by catalyste
Runs until 5-27-2019 06:34


4 rounds have been played


Copa Rammstein

League with Playoffs (64 teams)
Created by Die_Katze_Nic
Runs until 6-17-2019 23:07


3 rounds have been played
5-20-2019 21:07
Besiktas_81 - Barcelona Ajax
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