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Tanzania Tanzania

National Info

Season 37 is being played right now.

Has 26 regions and is located in Africa. Currency is $.

Out of 168 available teams, of which 109 are active, 13 are logged in.

Reigning Champions

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5-21-2019 23:45 - Daily updates

Hattrick Press

5-27-2012 Season 14: change of order!

It became a habit and we became used to it, as always at the end we knew it was going to be Tanzanite(1904323) the new Champion, it became a standard that was a simple one to remember but this season has been different and a new equation has been formulated with a new formula in the name of Maldives (1904314), into the history books.

1485 views Written by Louiskeni

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2-28-2012 Hattrick: the disease I can't cure!

It's all about my addiction to hattrick and how it changed a lot in me (for no reason will i miss my sunday league game!).
Hattrick is all over me like a disease I would love to get rid off but I can't.
I really enjoy this hattrick sickness!

2036 views Written by Louiskeni

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12-30-2011 Interview to SerenG

I decided to make a super interview to our great CT SerenG (7702792) ...... Good read......

1634 views Written by The_Bodyguard

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