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Season 59 is being played right now.

Has 9 regions and is located in Europe. Currency is £.

Out of 2 728 available teams, of which 489 are active, 25 are logged in.

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5-21-2019 11:30 - Daily updates

Hattrick Press

12-1-2014 Masters winner interviewed

This is a copy of (18359), in which Malk77 (7908379) provided HT-Press England with an exclusive interview explaining how he won the Masters.

1435 views Written by JPtheBean

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1-27-2014 2nd Team Chat with MickL67

MickL67 (1733812) is a stalwart of the Scottish scene with well over 1,000,000,000 forum posts and a high achieving team in the Newark Hitmen (243390) with a rich history, including nearly making the SPL (only stopped by the legendary INCHES ATHLETIC in the latter's last competitive match) and several high-profile tournament awards such as The Hoss' Headband Championship and Farmboy's Lost the Plot Classic...

He was also among those who signed up for a 2nd team as soon as the news was announced by HT. Winterfell Celtic (280713) are now on track in Ireland with some promising youngsters and a couple of Euros in the bank. I caught up with Mick to rummage through his accounts and discuss a few ins and outs of managing a 2nd team...

2046 views Written by JPtheBean

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1-5-2014 Major League for Scottish Manager

Here's a success story of a Scot abroad, originally published in HT-Press USA by editor RobertZiegler (639238):

One of the newcomers to Major League this season is a Scots expat who celebrated his latest HT promotion by getting married. Well, it's not really a cause and effect relationship - but he DID just get married. Learn more about the quick rise to the top series of USA by Omega5 (567816) and Rangers F.C. (223560)

2096 views Written by JPtheBean

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12-28-2013 How to get to the top with no money in the bank

There are many ways how you can get your team to the top. A large part of successful managers (if not a majority), if asked, would say that at first they gathered many millions training players in lower divisions and then spent it all on salaries, while constantly going up. This approach, although in many cases works, takes lots of time, is boring and is not sustainable once you run out of money. This article will explain one of the alternatives – a fast tracked guide for managers who want to have fun, go up the ladder and settle in upper divisions.

While reading this article, please keep in mind that the situation may vary depending on the country where your team is based and on what you already know about Hattrick. All the knowledge which I am sharing with you here, I gathered over the years of constant experimenting and improving my own team. The following is a step-by-step explanation of an approach that has been tried and if applied well, will also work for your team. Nevertheless, you need to know that the explained model is flexible and you can make as many modifications as you wish. The focus of this article is the team's economy and training, while the matters of game tactics are omitted.

- - Original Article published in Global by star-ter (6896373)

3581 views Written by JPtheBean

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12-17-2013 We’re on the march with Ally’s army

It is has been a long time since we as a nation have believed that our national team can win the world cup, and sadly this has been the same in Hattrick. Scotland has failed to get past the qualifying round of the world cup for the last five world cups.
So what can the ordinary user do about it, and can Scotland realistically challenge?

1776 views Written by Spiney

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12-13-2013 Welcome to Hattrick Press Scotland

We may not have had a huge amount of success on the pitch, but Scotland has a rich heritage in world football when it comes to characters. Much of this is down to colourful language and an unrivaled mastery of our neighbour's mother tongue, whether it's witty retorts from managers, potent punditry or poetic commentary. On Hattrick, this way with words has been evident in our forums, which attract managers from far and wide to sample and partake in our witty banter, but there's another way we can vent our verbosity - Hattrick Press.

2383 views Written by JPtheBean

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3-16-2013 Beginning in Hattrick without Manual

Many of you may identify yourself with this little story… How did you started playing in
My beginning was like this more or less…

1957 views Written by Yandros77

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1-30-2013 Interview with Thimi

Goudi City manager thimi is arguably the most successful HT manager Scotland has seen, and certainly top of the pile of those still playing. With a record number of Scottish Cup wins (5) and 2 SPL titles under his belt, he owes his achievements to 6 years of dedicated research, unbridled ambition and meticulous number-crunching. But who is the real man behind the forum rants about bad luck from the match engine and the form monkey?

Mediocre manager and nosey parker JPtheBean caught up with Thimi in a dingy Taverna over some mezedes, sweet espressos and mandolato to discuss tactics, GM buttons, Supporter and a thing called 'real life'.

2219 views Written by JPtheBean

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8-18-2012 A Hattrick Poem

A poem written for Hattrick's 15th anniversary, congratulations to Johan and the boys! Long may it continue..

1825 views Written by JPtheBean

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9-19-2011 How to be involved in your national team

Many think that either training a national team pleayer or managing the team is the only way to be involved in your national team.
There are other ways such as scouting or voting in elections, but the simplest way is to be an active member of the National Forum.

1934 views Written by DelBoy84

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